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featured project


featured project

  •  Audio-visual (AV) learning ,
  •  Pedagogy based learning,
  •  Aptitude based academics,
  •  Virtual reality based teaching
  •  Empirical teaching methods and hands on learning.
  •  Naturalistic learning experience
  •  Participation in all state national level competitions.

Program for Mental Wellbeing

featured project

  •  Everyday Yoga
  •   Diet
  •   Daily Physical activities/ sports
  •   Military based physical training
  •  Life skills based training
  •   Everyday Mediation
  •   Age appropriate learning based on IQ and EQ
  •   Emotional first aid center + Counselling center
  •  School design, schedule, administration and infrastructure based on positive psychology

All inclusive and in-depth Co-curricular

featured project

  •  School of Dance (Classical and contemporary)
  •   School of Music (Indian, Western Instruments and Vocal)
  •   Readers club
  •   National level Sports training
  •  School of Agriculture

Social Activities

featured project

  •   Training for the development of public personality,
  •   Training for competitions
  •   Confidence development
  •   Social responsibility training through hands on learning

Agney Encourages

featured project

  •  Tuition free education
  •  Lightweight school bags
  •  Stress free learning
  •   Open minded students


Well Qualified Staff


Library / Laboratory Facility


Daily Yoga & Meditation


14 Acres Pollution Free

" To Educate Encourage & Enlighten"

Agney Gurukul is a proposed CBSE school at Daund road, Ahmednagar, in the peaceful and green surroundings of Meherabad, international holy place.

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Why Choose Us?

  • Day Boarding School
  • Stress Free Education
  • Only 25 Students in a Class
  • Psychological Testing Center
  •   BALA-Building as Learning Aid
  •  Special Coaching for Competitive Exams(Scholarship/Olympiad)
  •   Age appropriate learnig based on IQ & EQ
  •   School of Music & Drama
  •   Well equipped library & laboratory
  •  Light weight school bags
  •  Daily Yoga & Meditation
  •  Science Club | Reader Club | Robotics Club |Rocketry Club